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Hobbies Avenue   

These are my personal interests. These are my precious collections and photo gallery. However, some pages are still under construction and will be updated soon (hopefully).

 My favorites


"Popular" movies, and listening "popular" songs. 


Basketball, played for 10 years, and Soccer, trained by Italians.


Artworks by Nanami Shiono (in Japanese) and John Grisham. 


"Stand by me" is the best movie in my life.

Great person

Leonardo da Vinci, is genius born by Italy.

Shannon the cat
Shannon is our cat. She is female scottishfold and now two years old. If you like to join in the "Shannon fan club", please contact me immediately. The brilliant two yellow eyes are pretty well-matched with our yellow sofa, where one of her favorite places at our home. (another her favorite place is bed!) The left photo is taken in November 2002, when she was one and a half years old.
Cartier - TANK Francaise
This is my favorite and now my own watch!! Owning this watch has always been my dream since many years. I just describe a story of my watch and history of cartier Tank watch.
Vermeer Avenue
One of my dreams is to see all paingtings which were painted by Johannes Vermeer. Here I'll show you all his paintings and my opinions toward them. Some Japanese pages are included.
Mcdonald's in the world
I am bound in duty to visit Mcdonalds wherever i visit any foreign country. Here there is a list of Mcdonalds in the world, limited in the country where i visited. 

EuroWalker & USAWalker
Currently under construction

I show you where i visited in Italy, Europe and United States with photographs. However, in the near future, all materials will be arisen on this site.

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