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Year: 2007-10
Kouki Hayafuchi
Kenji Suzuki

- Social Interaction
- Emerging Technologies

Music Glove
A Wearable Musical Controller for Massive Media Library


In recent years, by the spread of the online music distribution on the portable music player and the network technology, the volume of music information increased greatly than before. In the meantime, musical information retrieval plays an important role because listening and selecting from a large amount of music became possible. Therefore, the load of the music retrieval and the database manipulation also becomes larger and larger. In such a situation, without choosing specific tracks, users often listen to tracks without regard to the order. It is a well-known style of listening, for instance, shuffle play. The music interface that achieves exploring for the music to fill the desire of the user such "I want to listen to something" is requested.

We have been exploring a novel media technology that generates and controls the sound based on a free bodily movement, called Embodied Sound Media. In this paper, we propose the system that explores music by using the bodily movement such as "grope" in real time for the control of the sound and music. The music control roughly divided into two means; sound control and music control. The sound control does the signal processing to the audio sound, and controls the acoustic waveform directly. On the other hand, the music control is tracks-based control of playing and the selecting tracks. We thus investigate a method of exploring and changing the music tracks like DJs do, in addition to a current sound control. This presents a new style of listening to music and simple and intuitive operation by using bodily movements at the same time.

The bodily gesture is not always suitable to be associated with the indexes like text information or commands, but is quite suitable for the volume control of music, exploratory actions and so on. Using the bodily movement, a variety of operations to control audio and music tracks are enabled, which takes advantage of feeling, such as "grope". Furthermore, compared to the traditional button operation, the proposed method provide a new style of music listening. The technique of exploring the music by the gesture such as "grope" was presented as a research of the music interface, and the construction of the system and the function were described. The system that the compatibility to music or more is high for the user was constructed by the music listening tying to the bodily movement.


This research is supported in part by Hayao Nakayama Foundation.

  • Hayafuchi, K., Suzuki, K., "Gestural Interface to Explore Audio Libraries and Enhance Musical Experience," Proc. of International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotional Research, Online Proceedings, 2010.
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